Carony Classic

The Carony Classic is a wheelchair that lets the user stay
seated while transferring to the car seat. By docking the
wheelchair to either a swivel seat or seat lift, the wheelchair
seat can be slid off its base and onto the docking
plate where the seat locks safely in place and becomes the
car seat. In short, a user can move from wheelchair to car
seat and vice versa completely without lifting.

Available with 12” or 24” wheels and suitable for people
of all sizes including those of short stature and children.

Quick facts
• Uses same seat for both wheelchair and vehicle
• Highly customisable
• 12” or 24” rear wheels
• Compatible with Tilda tilt function

A caregiver swivels the seat out of the car and securely docks the Carony chassis
The entire wheelchair seat, including the user, easily slides onto a base plate and becomes a part of the vehicle.
After swiveling the seat back in, the user is now seated in a safe and comfortable position
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